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How to become the Best Teacher/ Faculty (Including a sound English)

It is our good fortune that we have chosen such a noble profession.

The Teachers should be able to enter into the hearts of the students. They should find in them their friend, philosopher and guide. Then alone will they open their hearts and freely express their problems. The teacher's approach to their problems should be positive and should try their utmost to help them in solving their problems, if it is within their reach. This intimacy and mutual love and affection will strengthen the relationship between the taught and the teacher. Once they put them on the right track, they will grow up as real men and women grateful to the teachers throughout their life for the great service rendered to them. For them, there will be job satisfaction, bringing in peace and happiness all around.

First thing for a teacher is to set himself as a living example through their own life. If teacher's life is pure and disciplined, even without his telling, their students will assimilate those qualities.

Secondly, we must give them certain amount of freedom. Teachers should not try to be a policeman, always watching and suspecting the movements of their students. At the same time, they must keep a watch over them from a distance. If they sense something wrong with them, first let them verify the truth before arriving at a conclusion. They can easily collect the facts from other teachers and friends by occasionally visiting their working place or school or college. No human being is perfect. It is our nature to make mistakes. No one does it intentionally; it is only due to their ignorance. Naturally, children due to their lack of experience in this world will commit mistakes. Teachers must learn to forgive them.

If we sincerely love our students, and really interested in their welfare, they will certainly follow our footsteps. We must develop infinite patience and forbearance. Let us never find fault with our students for their short comings and mistakes, rather highlight their good qualities and successes.

'To err is human, but to forgive is divine', so goes a popular saying. After a certain age, they should be treated as friends and handled with great love and respect. As far as possible, we should avoid taking recourse to corporeal punishment and harsh scolding. Instead, we should develop tremendous patience to correct them in a friendly way. The genuine love and concern of the teachers for their students will certainly bring about a change in their behaviour. Let us give them positive ideas, good literature to study, expose them to good surroundings. Eg. Once we provide them with good food, they will not go in search of bad.

For the development in personality of their students, the teachers are the only right persons. There is great praise for a teacher in our scriptures. In one of the Sanskrit hymns, the teacher is compared with Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. Therefore, we should never forget that we are doing a great service in moulding the lives and characters of numerous students within the four walls of the class room. Students come to you with greater expectations that they will get something purposeful in life from you. Our duty is not only to teach them the syllabus, but to help them in building character. Students coming out from educational institutions with character and integrity alone can build this great nation and at the same time their own life. If we can do that in a humble way, we will be doing immense service to our nation and to the youth in turn our life will automatically improve.

A lit candle alone can light another.

Therefore, at the very outset, we must have firm conviction on the power of goodness; and it should express through our life and character. Whatever a great leader does, other persons do that very same thing. Whichever standard he sets, the world follows it. Your life itself will be a great source of inspiration for the students.

Teaching without practising will not yield any positive result. Modern students are very intelligent. They will watch our life and character. If they do not find those things in reality, they will not care for our words.

"If you speak kind words to boys and encourage them, they are bound to improve in time. If you can give them positive ideas, people will grow up to be men and learn to stand on their own legs.

In language and literature, in poetry and art, in everything we must point out not the mistakes that people are making in their thoughts and actions, but the way in which they will gradually be able to do these things better.

Pointing out the mistakes wounds a man's feelings.

Teachers should always use the words of encouragement and hope even those whom we consider as worthless and change the very course of their lives thereby.

- Swami Vivekananda


Teaching requires social commitment and intellectual orientation.
Most experts in this field feel that finding quality teaching professionals is a great challenge for colleges and universities now.
Bright young men and women pursuing postgraduate and doctoral studies no longer see teaching as a career option, professionals lament.
Teaching-learning and evaluation is an important component of assessing quality of education as per the grading system evolved by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council.
Many institutions find it difficult hiring teaching professionals.
There is no dearth for talent really. It is not necessary that while recruiting them the institutions should focus on the quality of Teachers.
"Teaching is an intellectual profession and in an institution like Engineering colleges, where professors are also undertaking research work that adds value to society and themselves".

A College Teacher needs to possess a good knowledge of the subject, besides being a good communicator and creative thinker who could further implement his knowledge in that field.
Possessing the right degrees alone won't suffice for teaching called for social commitment.
The popular teacher in college is often not the one who reads the most number of books but who can keep the student engaged in the subject.
To retain high standard of teaching quality, many colleges are now conducting orientation programs for the new recruits.

In the orientation program the newly appointed lecturers got to know more about the college, the good practices with regard to teaching-learning, mentoring and counseling.

"The idea is to develop teachers as facilitators of the learning process"
A good training on their development suiting to the present need will solve the problem of finding good teachers.
In such a way we have designed our module to train the teachers to function effectively. They require the following skills essentially.
1. Enthusiasm
2. Confidence
3. Control
4. Being relaxed
5. Sense of humour
6. Knowing the subject
7. Good Communication Skills

We concentrate on the following areas also:
The role of a college teacher
The expectation of the students
Reading the minds of the students
Making the class interesting
Being purpose oriented
Bridging the gap between the corporate needs and the current scenario.

Apart from the above, we concentrate a lot on the development of English language skills which is very much essential to cater to the needs of the present day students. The entire aspects of the language and Teaching skills will be covered within two days.

Learning English

English – not to be feared; rather loved

Winning with English becomes a very easy task when they win English. To win English they have to simply follow certain easy steps as they are the life saving capsules connected to their jobs.
English is one of the easiest languages in the world as it functions with only 26 letters. Since we were ruled for more than 2 centuries by the British, the language has become part and parcel of India.
Especially we Indians, especially South Indians, People from Tamil Nadu in particular were once very strong in English Grammar. Generally English grammar is learnt as a subject. It is not the mistake of the student community but of the Education system itself. Without knowing the fundamentals of grammar one cannot talk in English fluently. Knowing the fundamentals is like a child learning walking. It is not to be learnt or studied only for scoring marks in paper II. It is like a ladder without which one can't climb up the higher planes.
Once we are well versant with the ladder then they can automatically know the art of speaking or writing in English without any mistake.
There is a wrong notion prevailing everywhere that there is no need for grammar clarity for Spoken English. It is totally absurd. Spoken English is the laconic or short way of speaking in English which is possible only for those who are strong in Grammar.

Since English is a foreign language unlike our mother tongue one needs to be strong in fundamental grammar knowledge which is not at all difficult to learn. Especially higher education i.e. Engineering, Management, Technology and other graduate students have a base of vocabulary, hence very easily they can learn grammar with the aid of a good master who is cable of reasoning out the grammar application and implementation.

For a good communication and good drafting or sending emails, grammar base is much more important than a good vocabulary. For example one who has a good vocabulary will use the verbs like confabulate, utter, declare, pronounce, proclaim, susurrate, murmur, chat, utter, prattle, communicate, avert, assert, state, mention, blabber etc. which is nothing but equivalent to talk or say.

But what we need to know is using words in a systematic way enabling others as it is i.e. in sentence form. In short, forming sentences using the known words is alone called a good base in grammar. To be good at using the words, one must be familiar with the types of words. Even though there are more than 13 lakh words in English, a learner is expected to be thorough with eight kinds or types of words which has been taught in Schools as 'Parts of Speech'. We can change the form 'Parts of speech' as 'Kinds of words'. Parts = Kinds or divisions or varieties or categories and Speech is nothing but Language. A language is nothing but the compilation of words in a very easy and proper sequence. That sequence is known as grammar.

Aptitude Training

It comprises of four areas:
• Quantitative Aptitude/ Numerical Ability
• Data Interpretation
• English Language Aptitude/Verbal
• General Intelligence/ Reasoning Ability

Quantitative Aptitude

Mathematical questions on various topics are asked under this chapter in many on campus and off campus tests. Not only this, it will enable the students appear for any govt /Public/Private sector related examinations to compete Bank PO's/ Clerks,IBPS, LIC ADO/AAO, RRB, SSC etc.

Apart from this local feasibilities, it will enable the Engineering students to write entrance examinations for going abroad, to write CAT, GMAT and so on, It is very important to note that these type of questions should not be treated as mathematical questions. Instead, they have to be considered as Aptitude questions where only short cut methods and time sense should be followed. One cannot waste too much of time In solving a single question. So students must be trained to solve these questions within the stipulated time mostly avoiding using traditional methods and using only short cut methods.

Topics Covered:

 Number Theories  Simple Interest & Compound Interest
 Time & Work  Time & Distance
 Pipes & Cisterns  Average
 Profit & Loss  Ratio& Proportion
 Permutation & Combination  Mensuration
 Probabilities  Areas, Squares & cubes, etc.,

Data Interpretation

It is a combination of reasoning ability (analytical skills) and mathematical skills combined together which is very easy to crack after a brief training and practice. The training for this topic may be given under Aptitude Training in the 3rd year of academic studies. This type of questions are asked only in some high level aptitude tests.

Reasoning Ability

This is based on intellectual and situational thinking based on the available information in the given questions. This Training will enable the students to have their analytical, reasoning and quick comprehensive skills developed fast.

Topics covered
 Series  Classification
 Analogy  Coding & Decoding
 Blood Relationship  Directions
 Punch line  Syllogism
 Data Interpretation  Venn Diagram

English Language skills (Verbal)

These skills will certainly enable the students perform well in their regular studies, without committing grammatical or spelling mistakes. This test is a compulsory one in all type of competitive and entrance tests for their higher studies. The participants can easily score the minimum marks required after attending my training. This will enable them appear for the Tests like IELTS, TOEFL, BEC, GRE etc.

Topics covered
Fundamental Grammar Conjugation of Verbs
Sentence formation Articles
Degrees of Comparison Direct & Indirect Speeches
Active & Passive Voice Comprehensions
Finding out the errors Forming Passages
Filling with suitable preposition/words Antonyms & Synonyms. etc.,

Intensive Training should be given in the first year beginning of their studies in order to develop the art of understanding their regular subjects in the respective academic classes so that the studens will avoid rote memory process which is a handicap in the present day students who are coming out of HS Schools. After this intensive language Training, they will be able to write answers for the questions on their own by knowing the art of forming sentences easily.

We have our own faculty Team with good training expertise. We have handled classes for placement recently in the following colleges: [To mention a few]

1. KSR College of Technology, Tiruchengode. 13.King College of Technology, Namakkal 25. Excel group of Engineering Colleges, Kumarapalayam
2. KSR College of Engineering, Tiruchengode 14.JKKN College of Engineering & Technology, Komarapalayam 26. KCG College of Technology, Chennai
3. Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram 15.PSNA College of Engineering & Technology, Dindigul 27. Indira Institute of Technology, Thiruvallur, Chennai
4. AMS Engineering College, Erumaipatti, Namakkal. 16.FX Engineering College, Tirunelveli 28. Annai Teresa Arts & Science College, Thirukazhukundram
5. Nandha Engineering College, Erode. 17.SCAD Engineering College, Cheranmahadevi, Tirunelveli 29. PPG Institute of Technology, Coimbatore
6. Tamilnadu College of Engineering, Coimbatore. 18.AVC College of Engineering, Mayiladuthurai 30. Sri Guru Institute of Technology, Coimbatore
7. Park College of Technology, Coimbatore. 19.VelTech College of Engineering College, Avadi, Chennai 31. VSB Engineering College, Karur
8. National Engineering College, Kovilpatti. 20.AMS College of Engineering, Avadi, Chennai 32. ARC Arts and Science College, Mayiladuthurai
9. Idhaya Engg. College, Kallakurichi. 21.Sri Guru Institute of Technology, Coimbatore 33. Sri Kumaraguru Arts and Science College, Thiruppanandal
10.Erode Sengunthar Engg. College, Perundurai 22. SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore 34. DA Arts and Science College, Mayiladuthrai
11.MPN MJ Engg. College, Chennimalai. 23. SNS College of Engineering, Coimbatore  
12.Selvam Engg. College, Namakkal 24. Narasu's Institute of Technology, Salem  

And many other Colleges in and around Chennai and other districts in Tamil Nadu. Specifically we concentrate on company based questions and soft skills. We give practical case studies, live sessions on the spot in order to enhance the confidence level of the participants while attending GD and Interview.

Salient features of our Program

In Aptitude areas we cover all the topics required for the students to attend any kind of Placement Tests (Off / On campus). We deal not only with specific company model papers but also to attend any kind of job oriented Govt. Examinations and public sector organizations Aptitude Tests like Bank PO's, Income Tax Inspectors, Railway Recruitment Board and Staff Selection Commission. As the job opportunities in IT field appear to be sluggish at present, the participants need not worry as they have bright opportunities in the above mentioned sectors also.

We conduct mock sessions in GD and Interview skills to enable the participants to have practical knowledge and gain confidence. In Language skills, we cover the entire fundamental grammar and applied grammar in a short, simple, innovative, informal and interesting way to suit the need of the job aspiring candidates to answer properly all the Verbal Questions and to communicate in English properly. Our Language training will help the students to perform well in their regular curriculum also. Our Soft skills training will definitely bring the necessary positive changes in the attitude of the students.

We conduct pre and post evaluation tests and submit the results.

The following details are applicable to Engineering Colleges as well as Arts and Science Colleges:

For First year we have a unique module for building confidence in language and soft skills to prune them to change themselves to the college atmosphere as they have left school and have come to Engineering College for which they require a two or three day programme and oue charges will be intimated through phone or mail depending on the number of participants.

For Second year, we have separate modules where we concentrate more on Language and in fundamental aptitude practices covering all the above mentioned topics.

For third year the module covers mainly aptitude portions

In the final year we concentrate more on company based question papers, GD and Inteview skills with demo sessions. We assure you that we'd like to take this opportunity to prove our Training effectiveness and show the results to your full satisfaction. We request you to provide accommodation at your premises for the faculty team during the programme and a pick up and drop vehicle and reimburse the conveyance to and from Chennai.

We are result-oriented and student- friendly while giving training. We have a regular follow up with the students through our cell phones and e-mail id in order to build confidence in their mind so that they can face any aptitude test in any company in their near future in both off and on campus.

We are eagerly waiting for your reply at the earliest for making necessary arrangements in supplying the study material for the trainees. For further details, mode of remuneration, strength of the class etc I shall explain for those who are interested in my coaching/ service over phone or mail.

Download the Powerpoint Presentation - www.tmsimage.co.in

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